Rolling stock engineering

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Getzner has developed special solutions for the mounting of floating floors and components in order to increase travelling comfort and reduce life cycle costs of train carriages.

Getzner's floating floors for rolling stock efficiently isolate vibrations. They protect carriages from undesirable vibrations during the journey: structural vibrations significantly decrease, which in turn considerably extends the service life of the carriage and its components. Other sources of disturbance such as compressors can also be decoupled in an efficient manner with Sylomer® and Sylodyn®.

Getzner has also developed a special solution for freight cars to protect sensitive goods: thanks to their combined spring/damper properties, hard-wearing PU mats made from Sylomer® offer optimum protection against shocks and impacts. This means, for example, that cost savings can now be made in the transport of steel coils used in the automotive industry.


  • Reduces the noise level inside carriages
  • Enhances comfort for passengers and staff
  • Extends the service life of rail vehicles and components
  • Prevents damage during transport and costly material waste
  • High protection against wear in freight cars thanks to Sylomer® mats in contrast to conventional solutions with rubber products

Application examples

  • Elastic floor constructions for passenger and local trains
  • Mounting of individual vehicle components (e.g. decoupling of compressors)
  • Mounting of vehicle areas: driver's cab, first class, bathrooms, etc.
  • Vibration isolation of electronic equipment in measurement vehicles
  • Protection against ballast damage in chassis
  • Transport protection for steel coils on freight cars