Sensor Sleeper - the intelligent sleeper

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Since Under Sleeper Pads are a proven means of improving the characteristics of the railway track, Getzner has a special interest in better understanding the layer between the sleeper and ballast.


So far, researchers have been relying on indirect measurement methods such as deflection and vibration measurements, as well as long-term tracking of the track stability.


Getzner developed the so-called "sensor sleeper", which makes it possible to measure surface pressures directly between the sleeper and the ballast without interfering with the characteristics of the track. It is a special pressure sensor, which is installed on the Under Sleeper Pads. The pressure that individual ballast stones put on the sleeper can be detected over a long period of time. This not only makes it possible to characterise the Under Sleeper Pad with unprecedented accuracy, but also to analyse the load distribution characteristics of the various components of the track at train passing. The results can be used, for example, when aligning the Under Sleeper Pads, sleepers, turnouts and transition zones. The characteristic gained that the sleeper can be lifted, aligned and damped like any other sleeper makes it possible to get the required data quality.



  • Precise measuring method
  • Characterisation of Under Sleeper Pads and components in the track
  • Analysis of load distribution characteristics 
  • Visualisation of individual ballast stones
  • Installation of the sensor sleeper as easy as for conventional sleepers
  • Permanent use of the sensor sleeper in the track without disassembly